Being a transgender male, I have had individuals look up my birth name, out me, fetishize me, talk about my genitals, unfriend me, talk down to me, misgender me, talk about my chest, I have been pushed out of jobs, others have disregard myself and my partner the list goes on and on. So for me being a transgender male and first and foremost a human has been challenging. My need for connection has always been there. My life has taken various twists and turns, lenses and lessons. Above everything I have learned that honesty, kindness and grace will make the most impactful moves. Hate always has consequences, some you don’t even see. Loving who I am, everyday, and allowing myself to show up for all marginalized individuals because I am with them. Speaking up for women, people of color, being open and honest about my experiences and continuously learning is how I stay active and visible. In doing so I show I am resilient.
Jericho G.
Phoenix,  Arizona