Yoyo Black Fire

I have never fit the mold created by gender. I have always been incredibly androgynous by nature. I have also always known exactly who I am, allowing me to navigate every day as a checkpoint in my development. I believe in living life with no boundaries, so it is easy for me to constantly expand my perspectives of gender and sexual identity as I collect new experiences. This combination of confidence and dedication to myself makes it rare for people to not accept me at face value. People tend to feel innately comforted by my authentic energy. Although I have encountered prejudice, I understand that prejudice stems from and is taught from ignorance and fear of the unknown. By remaining confident in myself and patient with people, I am able to educate, enlighten, and inspire others to broaden their perspectives.
I believe that survival in this world is dependent on one’s ability to connect with oneself — especially as a queer individual. We live in a society that thrives on division and brainwashes us to believe that individuality equals division. People spend most of their lives trying to conform to one construct or another that has been provided to them by some external stimulus. This often leads people to feel lost and alone as they wander through their experiences. When we feel safe enough to explore and express our authentic truths, it allows for us to achieve our greatest potentials.
To be queer is to make a commitment to love and embrace yourself no matter what. There are people who still believe that the answer to hate is to hide in the shadows, but being visible and being counted means being out, loud, and proud.

Yoyo Blackfire
Phoenix, AZ
They, Them
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