Johnny A

Being an openly bisexual man is a challenge. Bisexuality often goes invisible as it is, with bisexual individuals typically passing for being either homosexual or heterosexual. Breaking that binary mentality means challenging the status quo. I do not always tell people that I am bisexual unless it comes up or is important to a conversation. I feel empowered as a man when I tell others that I am bisexual. I feel that it challenges ideas of how men are expected or allowed to interact in society.

Growing up, I did not know any openly bisexual men. Therefore, I was reluctant to be more open about my sexuality. As an adult, I strive to be more open about my sexuality because it opens dialogue and can help break down myths. I wholeheartedly agree with Harvey Milk’s sentiment that Queer people should come out if they are safe and able because the simple act of being visible and accounted for empowers society to be more loving and accepting.

With pride,
Johnny West Street
Anaheim, CA